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April 18th
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

April 19th
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

April 26th
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM  ? – depending on weather

Come visit me at the Kaua’i Society of Artists Art Show, held at the KuKui Grove Shopping Center,  Lihue, HI

Award Winning Books by Sylissa Franklin

Pearls…For Better or for Worse

SierraPearlsKindle-1You think marriage can be tough? Try surviving the week before the wedding.

Volunteering as her bestfriend’s wedding planner, Sierra Scott finds herself dealing with a major Bridezilla meltdown, diva bridesmaids, ego-maniac groomsmen… and a stranger who is out for revenge.

A single kiss can change everything.



B.C. Blues

“It started out as a typical gal’s party weekend. But instead of shopping, eating, and seeing the sights, Sierra and Joan find themselves searching for a killer. Maybe someone else would leave this for the police…but this involved family.”

Sierra and Joan arrive in Vancouver, British Columbia to attend a cousin’s wedding. Excited to help with last minutes details, joy turns to terror when the bride to be is found dead in a heap at the bottom of the stairs.

The incident is called a tragic accident, but things aren’t adding up. Sierra and Joan make a pact to discover the truth. They aren’t the police, but they are determined.
Sierra’s mantra is…“it never hurts to ask.” Joan believes…“it’s better to ask forgiveness than to ask for permission.”

You can always ask, right?

Asking questions and following hunches leads them to former lovers, and strange, twisted family ties. They soon find themselves in a cat and mouse game that takes them from the Golden Triangle in downtown Vancouver up to Whistler, the premier skiing resort, and down the mountain again.

Its winner take all as Sierra and Joan struggle to stay one step ahead of a deadly adversary…who doesn’t like to lose.

Emerald Wiles

Idaho Author Awards, Top Ten Fiction, 2014

She stepped away from her marriage, and straight into murder.

Sierra Scott loves the chance to help others with their problems, especially if it means she can procrastinate fixing her own. On vacation in western Ireland, Sierra knows her marriage is in crisis mode and the smartest thing she could do is sit down with her husband, Marcus, and talk things out. However, she’s just not ready to face what could very well be their final days together.

After listening to a tale from a local shop keeper about an unsolved murder involving two long ago lovers, she offers to help solve the mystery. Marcus knows she is avoiding the inevitable confrontation over their marriage but feels he has no choice but to help Sierra, if only to keep her safe. To believe in the old shop keeper’s story is one thing, but when strange things start to happen, Sierra and Marcus soon find they’re in over their heads.

Will they be able to set aside their own heartache to find a way out of the trouble that’s sucking them in even deeper?

Can they survive being pulled into hidden secrets, past hurts, old enemies, and revenge?

They’ll need the luck of the Irish to survive!

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A Mermaid’s Tears

AMermaidsTearsFinalIsa Andrews, newly unemployed and fresh from New York, is house-sitting for her sister Kate in Key Largo. She immediately has a run in with one of the neighbors – a nine foot alligator. Isa’s goal is to survive her small town purgatory and start her photography career – anywhere else.

Bryce Williams mourns his Grandpa Harry’s death and learns he’s inherited Harry’s financial trouble too.  A school teacher as well as the captain and dive master of the Dream Maker, he is still unable to bring in enough money to save his property; which has been owned by his family for over 150 years.  Time is running out and he is getting desperate.

Isa and Bryce clash at their first meeting, but still he manages to coax her to try a night dive with him aboard the Dream Maker. Camera in hand she discovers a love for the sea and survives an up close and personal encounter with marine life.  Using one of the underwater photos to enter a contest, she’s thrilled to learn the photo is getting a lot of attention from a visiting art gallery owner. He offers big money, but with a catch …

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